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Okay guys! So after uploading this week’s video, Hours later…. I realized I FORGOT to edit the heading. OOPS!

In the spirit of just not wanting to way more HOURS to reupload the video with the correct heading, I decided to leave it as is… So even though the intro says week 3, its really week 4!

Also This week’s photo was taken when it was still dark in a looser fitting top so hard to tell the change this week. Oh Well! Next week will be better!


So I am finally get this posted when Tomorrow Ill be filming Week 4 Recap!

This week was a struggle to get this video up. I had to refilm, post, then delete and repost again and again! Well without further ado… Here it is!


This past weekend, my family and I took a nice little weekend vacay up north! My kids have been going a bit stir crazy so it was time to pack up the crew and head north!

One thing my son has been BEGGING to do almost everyday, was to go to an indoor waterpark. I wasn’t sure how he’d do if we went so we decided to head to Soaring Eagle Water Park. It’s a smaller park that is PERFECT for his age. They even have a small area for babies to splash around so this was perfect for our little family.

After the water park, we headed back to the cottage and got to go play on the frozen lake! All in all this weekend was such a blast and I can’t wait for our next little weekend adventure!


Hey Guys!

Welcome back to my blog! Last week, I hit the ground running with my goal to get my pre baby body back.

If you are just catching up, I haven’t been slacking off, just haven’t gotten to where I’d like to be yet. Below Is the video with my week 2 recap/results. Check it out and see how I did!


Hey Guys!

So I decided it was time to bring back the results post videos! 2017 was great in terms of getting back into the groove of working out! I lost an entire 36lbs! I still have a ways to go to be fully back to my pre pregancy weight but I’m working on it!  Although I did pretty good in the Workout aspect of trying to lose weight, I did horribly with the nutrition side of it. I’m sure I would have seen much better results had I done a little better with portion control and choosing healthier foods.

That being said, I have filmed a “Quick” (for me) video to officially bring back my results posts as it really helped me in the past to stay motivated.

Also Here are some side by side photos to show the difference! It’s so crazy to me how much of a difference I can see after just ONE week!



Who doesn’t love a pretty tablescape? I had a lot of fun putting this one together. It is very simple yet has that perfect holiday feel.

All that is missing is to cook up a delicious Christmas feast!

My favorite would have to be these cute Christmas glasses. I believe they belonged to my husband’s grandmother. They were gifted to use by his Aunt.

It’s always nice adding personal touches by finding ways to incorporate items gifted to you.

I’m a tad bit late in the game with this Christmas decor post that I’ve been promising! I’m just proud that it’s up BEFORE Christmas! lol

This year, instead of having just ONE tree, We decided to put up TWO!

I love a good traditional tree, adorned with ornaments that have been gifted to us and signify some point in our lives. However, I also love a good beautiful flocked white tree as well!

So this year, we decided to add another tree.  Our house has two separate living areas so it made perfect sense to be able to enjoy a tree in each room. I also love any excuse to decorate for Christmas/winter as well!

Our original tree is pre-lit and I knew I wanted one that I could add flock to. I didn’t want to ruin the tree we have (on the off chance my project didn’t workout) so my dad gave us a spare tree he wasn’t using.  I went back and forth on whether or not I wanted to proceed with my project as the tree my dad ended up giving to us is a beautiful Balsam Hill tree. I googled how to flock a tree and Balsam Hill has tips on how to do so but also has a warning that if you do this to their trees, it will void the warranty on them.

After lots of google and pinterest searching, I found a tutorial using Sno bond Flock so this is the material I ended up going with.

I ordered the flock on Amazon (Here) *Disclaimer* This is NOT an affiliate link. Just simply sharing where I purchased the material.

Once it arrived I was eager to start my project. Still, a little nervous about ruining a perfectly beautiful tree I decided to test it out on a cheap mini tree that I had  on hand. It turned out so beautiful! So right away, I set up the tree in our garage and started adding the flock to our tree.


Step 1: You spray the tree down

Step 2: Use a sifter to sprinkle the flocking to your tree. While doing so spray more water as you sprinkle the material.

repeat until you get the look and coverage that you want.

Step 3: Spray the tree again with water. Make sure to spray it down well but not so much that it makes the flock look more like goop that snow. (I was so worried about over spraying the tree that I didn’t do so enough.) Our tree sheds a bit only because I didn’t spray it down enough to activate the adhesive so at the end of the season when we start to put our decor away, I will go back and spray again and next year plan to add a bit more flock to the tree.

Step 4: Allow to dry min 24 hrs. (If you are like me, I am way to impatient for all that so I brought the tree inside after a few hours and started decorating right away. NOT recommended but I can’t stop you.)

All the ornaments I used to decorate this tree are from Hobby Lobby. Also, we do have one random ornament that I added that my husband’s grandmother made. It’s a beaded angel and we have one for each tree.


It didn’t take long for little miss to destroy the tree.So this year Easton got to name his elf. He chose to name him Jack <3This year, I wanted to put up live garland but do to being busy and lazy, I just put up the artificial garland again this year. Maybe next year!



*This post contains affiliate links. All products listed are purchased by myself and not given to me for my thoughts and opinions. I am only posting products I use and love at my own discretion. Not an ad.



Hellooooo, Friday! I’ll admit, after a busy week like this one, I am happily welcoming the weekend. before I dive into full relaxation mode, I am sharing a few of my favorite things! Here we go…


  1. You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life– This book is AHHHHHHmazing! Jen is hilarious and she makes so many valid points. Definitely a great personal development book! I highly recommend it.
  2. Vital Proteins Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides (20 oz)–  I work out a lot and the workouts I do can be pretty intense. I also like having healthy hair, skin, and nails. I add a collagen supplement daily to help aid in joint health as well as keeping my hair, skin, and nails pretty.
  3. Monat Hair Spray & Dry Shampoo- When Easton was born I started experiencing hair breakage really bad. So my friend introduced me to Monat hair care. I was skeptical as it is a product sold by network marketing. I wanted so badly to hate it but in the end loved the products so much I still use it 3 years later. I love that the hair spray gives a lasting hold without making my hair crunchy! The dry shampoo is my bestie! It’s the only dry shampoo I’ve found that doesn’t leave build up in my hair and actually makes it look fresh and smells amazing!
  4. Iphone 8 – So I am not one to upgrade my phone every time a new one is released. I had my last phone for 3 years and it was starting to go. I was just at a point of needing to replace it so I got the 8. Why did I not wait for the X? Because I don’t care for it so much and I just need a phone that works.
  5. Lipsense- I LOVE LIPSENSE! Yes I am signed up as a distributor but I am not actively selling the product… but I do use it religiously. If i’m being honest, I HATED it at first. It burned my lips, and didn’t stay put. Not a fan. I was told to continue using it and The burning sensation would go away and it would start lasting longer. Well they were right! Now it’s my go to lip product for the day. My favorite color is Sassy Z!
  6. Zipfizz- I was swindled into making the purchase of this stuff by one of those sweet Costco sample ladies! Now I am hooked! This stuff is so good and I’ve even replaced my normal preworkout with this because it tastes so good and doesn’t leave me feeling jittery at all!
  7. Jane Iredale Brow Pencil- I went to Sephora to buy a new brow pencil and was told of the supposedly great and popular option. The guy even it made my brows look super pretty with it so I bought it… Not realizing it was a total piece of crap until I needed to sharpen it and it just kept breaking off  until there was none left to sharpen. *insert annoyed face here*. I was back on the hunt for a brow pencil and was going to just go buy a tried and true one when I came across this beauty! I LOVE IT! like everything else I’ve posted, Its amazing! I love how thin the pencil is for creating fine hair lines as well ask getting a cleaner look.
  8. Senegence Climate Control- Can I just say how amazing this stuff is? It’s got so many wonderful uses, but it’s mainly a product used to lock in moisture for your face. We use this for sunburns, dry skin etc. It works GREAT!
  9. Lalicious Sugar Tiare Flower Hand cream-  I bought this from my nail salon that I love so much! Jeni who owns this beautiful salon always goes above and beyond for her clients and she’s amazing! She said that this is the same products used in the Bellagio spa! This is my favorite scent. Smells so clean and fresh!


Have you tried any of the products I’ve listed above? What’s your favorite?




I’m not even sure where to begin.

My baby girl is ONE! How the heck did that happen so quickly? I swear all I did was blink!

Planning the party was so much fun, She’s my last baby AND she’s my little girl so I went a little overboard.

I knew I wanted to incorporate her fall birthday into a theme without being too cliche.

I love pumpkins especially the white ones and the “princess” pumpkins that have recently become so popular. So I decided to add pretty florals and call it a Cinderella-esque party fit for a princess!

I began the planning stages around the time that V was 6 months old. I slowly started gathering supplies to make my vision for her party a reality.

I thought I could do it all, including the photography, but I was having so much fun celebrating my daughter the only images I remembered to take were the details and just a couple of the family. My awesome brother in-law stepped in and photographed the cake smash portion so we could be present in the moment with our little girl.  Anyhow, Ill explain the details after you check out these images from the party!

They may be a little out of order, but what the hey…


Viv LOVES here Auntie so much!

Auntie is standing just out of the the frame (FREAKING OUT) just in case V decides to jump.


Can I just say how PERFECTLY IMPERFECT this beautiful princess pumpkin is? I’m obsessed!


I have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to my wonderful cousin Sarah from @stichesandswirls (instagram) for this beautiful welcome sign she custom painted for my little lady! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!So the white high chair was a last min decision. I wanted a pretty white high chair for photo purposes so I went on the hunt for one that I could paint TWO….TWO! DAYS BEFORE her party.  Yea, I’m a little bit of a nut case. I was so lucky to find this one locally for only $30! Throw in the cost of paint and Voila! You have a beautiful high chair that you decide you will love more than your ridiculously expensive one that is no where near as pretty.


Oh the S’mores Bar! This was a plan turned back up plan. Original plan was for us to have the fire pit blazing during our FALL party. However unlike most years, this fall season has so far been more like summer. Viv’s party day was a day of BEAUTIFUL 80 degree weather mixed with lots of wind! So I decided to make a couple indoor fire pits for some Smore lovin!

These boys! They had us laughing all throughout the party! So silly! Did I mention these 3 helped themselves to the candy?

When we celebrated Easton’s 1st Birthday, he did not like his cake one bit! He actually gagged when he took his first bite!  V on the other hand, she LOVED her cake. She was not shy about getting into it. We like to call her the garbage disposal because she loves food. She eats so much yet she’s still so petite. (like 2nd percentile for both height and weight petite) She’s growing at her own pace. It drives me crazy that she isn’t bigger but as long as our amazing pediatrician isn’t worried, I am happy.

Oh the beautiful cakes! I AM IN LOVE! Her smash cake  was a chocolate with a chocolate ganache filling and chocolate buttercream. Schepperley family tradition is to have chocolate smash cake for the 1st birthday. Our family has been doing this since BEFORE it became the popular thing to do.Can I just say how AHHHMAZING sams club cupcakes are? THE BEST!

So what do you think?





I am officially a licensed realtor!

A What? Yep! You read that right!

So what is so exciting about this? Let me tell you!

Years ago, I was approached to work with my dad’s friend as a realtor. I, in no way was anywhere near mature or ready to do so. I knew nothing of what I wanted in life, however, I’ve always been obsessed with homes whether to renovate, decorate, or just live in it.

I feel like life took me down the scenic route to get me to this point. I find myself often wondering where I’d be now if I had signed on to work with my dad’s friend. I am usually quick to remind myself that I’d probably not have gotten anywhere at that point in time, as I had no self discipline to stick to a career move like this out.

It’s frightening reading the statistics of how many realtors quit within their first year. I don’t know how my first year will go, I’m hoping that I come out on top. Sometimes, with my ever changing attitude towards things I wonder if I’m capable of ever sticking to my decisions.

What I am so excited about is that this new venture really helps roll the things I love into one. I get to help people find homes that they will love, It opens doors for me to flip homes and eventually… I will purchase my first income property (in a few years).  This blog… See now why I changed the name? I told you it would make sense! You can check out my post about the name change (HERE).

I know I will struggle to find a good balance between being a mom and a career woman but this job will also allow me to work my schedule. Yes I am realistic in that with the crazy market right now, I may have to find a last minute sitter or bring a crazy kid along to show a home. It’s all balance and as long as I don’t give up at the first road block, I know I will do just fine.

Life changing? To me, YES! 100%  So if YOU or ANYONE you know are in Michigan and need a MOTIVATED realtor, HIRE ME!